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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

HBS 14/12

14/12 is a very meaningful day to me~
nt only because tat day is my important 20th birthday,
I also  having my  harvard report discussion..

my group do many prepareration for this harvard discussion..
the night before the discussion,
we do a small discussion at KTR hall..
first time i felt the power of TEAMWORK~
on the day of presentation,
i m so nervous to speak english in front of so many ppl~~
i pretend i was nt scare and nervous..

the title given is about 
"how the new entry company threat to the established symbian company~"
n i m talking about the RIMM which is mostly used by blackberry~
RIMM achieve a combination of voice capabilities with a 'push' email function~
'push' email is the phone will give alert to user when an email is sent to user's mailbox~
this is a very convinient function especially to those who are using email for business purpose~
i try my best to  present my idea and opinion to lecturer~
i m glad tat he can understand wat i try to present.. :)

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